Next-gen human experience


Unlock the full potential of your game. Accurate reports based on brainwave data, provide deep insights on player emotions, helping you create an incomparable player experience.

Growth Hacking

Find and fix the churn points of your game by knowing the causes of user behavior!

User Engagement

Maximize the user engagement by knowing the actual generated emotions in the users!

Increase the Revenue

Maximize the ARPDAU by knowing the most tempting offers and the best moment to offer them!


Benchmark your game compared to successful titles in the market!



What you'll get?

  • Micro changes in user Emotion associated with in-game triggers.
  • User Flow, Frustration, Excitement, Boredom and Relaxation timelines.
  • Dominant emotions chart in different sections of the game.
  • Significant moments of gameplay (both trigger and emotion wise).
  • Recorded gameplay video of each tester.
  • And so much more!

1. Send a request

Use the link in this page to send us a request. We will take it from there.

2. Download the SDK

Download the SDK from the link that we will send you.

3. Boot up the SDK

Integrate with the SDK and register your custom events.

4. Upload the playable

Cool! Send us the playable and see the results in your dashboard quickly!

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