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The study and analysis of neuroal activity in a participant's brain as they experience a piece of media. This unlocks moment by moment tester responses at a level the tester doesn't even consciously register, bypassing any errors in reporting or collecting information!

Growth Hacking

Find and fix the churn points of your game with proven results, rather than guessing at what is turning players away!

User Engagement

Maximize the user engagement by fine tuning mechanics to produce preferred player responses!

Increase the Revenue

Maximize the revenue by knowing the most tempting offers and the best moment to offer them!


Benchmark your game compared to successful titles in the market!


With Braintelligence

What do you get?

  • Recorded video of the playtesting sessions.
  • User emotional journey: What would be the emotional reaction of each player during a playtesting session?
  • User Flow: How well is the game balanced with the player skill and how they get immersed with the experience?
  • Game mechanics testing: Subconscious emotional response of players to game mechanics.
  • Game DNA: Showing how different user demographics respond emotionally to the game!
  • Testing surveys and tester interviews
  • Deceptive perceptions: The differences between what users express in surveys and what the data shows!
  • Expected user reaction deviation: Showing the difference between real user emotional response to each game mechanic compared to what the game designers were expecting!

How it works?

1. Send a request

Reach out and schedule an initial demo. We'll walk you through the entire process so you know what to expect.

2. Download the SDK

Our open-source SDK is light on resources so you can focus on what matters most- making great games!

3. Boot up the SDK

Following our easy-to-read instructions, you'll set flags on game events that matter so that you can match player emotions with happenings in-game.

4. Upload the playable

All done! Send us the playable and see the results in your dashboard on the same day as testing!

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